Our History

East Grand Boulevard Christian Church was formally founded May 16, 1912 in a room above a butcher shop on Detroit’s east side.  The original building at Frontenac and East Grand Boulevard was dedicated October 17, 1915.  In the years that followed many people learned about Christ and enjoyed the fellowship at the church.  In the early 1940’s during World War II, plans were made to relocate, property was purchased.

     On March 22, 1953, the first unit of the new church building was dedicated at the present site on Cadieux Road and Linville.  The name was changed to Bethany Christian Church.  Bethany of ancient Palestine is a blessed name and is remembered as a place of refuge and renewal for Jesus and he communed, worshipped and performed miracles among his friends who lived there, especially Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

     In September, 1961, construction on the sanctuary began and dedication services were held on November 25, 1962.

     In 1998, after extensive long-range planning, Bethany’s members voted to remain in the Cadieux location and to continue ministering to the immediate neighborhood as well as to the worldwide church.  In September, 2003, Rev. Nora Shumake was installed as Bethany’s pastor.

     Our roots run deep.  The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the first body of Christians organized on American soil.  We came into being in the early 1800’s on what was the the western frontier.  We were born out of a pioneering conviction on the part of diverse Christian ministers and lay persons that Christ’s followers could and should be unified by organization on the simple plan and teachings of the New Testament. 

     From the very beginning, Lay people played a significant role in shaping the life of the movement.  Indeed, the “Priesthood of all believers” is taken very seriously!  All Christians, whether men, women or children are encourage to identify and use their gifts in the service of God. 

Bethany continues to serve Disciples and interest persons all over the Detroit Metropolitan area.  Praising Preaching, the Lord’s Supper and Christian Education are featured every Sunday. We welcome neighborhood groups to use our church building.  We welcome all to worship, learn, and serve the Lord and part of this community of faith.